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The best possible quality in motor pistons by ARTA PISTON

Piston with Alfin inserts

Are cast products that bonded into the piston head when they are manufactured this provide the top ring groove with greater durability under ext­reme condition and are there for a major contributor to reduced emissions in modern high performance diesel engines.

Piston with iron structure

Piston being most demanding automotive component in terms of required strength to operate at elevated temperatures as well as at very high peak loads consists of an aluminum – silicon light alloy reinforced with a cast iron based insert.

Piston with Oil Cooling Gallery

Is a system in which oil is injected via the crankshaft into a gallery that is cast into piston head. This dramatically reduces high tempera­-tures in the piston crown and ring groove areas, even under the heaviest loads .

Forged Piston

The densely-packed molecules in forged pistons allow them to conduct heat away from the piston top quickly so that forged piston crowns can run cooler than cast piston crowns and they are stronger and often

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